Remittance of samples

We have provided for patients in both hospitals, carried out muscular biopsies and offered biochemical and molecular genetic investigations to both hospitals for many years. Our close cooperation and exchange in biochemical and molecular-genetic matters has proved itself to the best of its abilities.
Functional investigations on fresh muscle tissue are carried out exclusively in Salzburg and can be organised by allocating patients either to the Paediatric Hospital of Salzburg or the Paediatric Hospital of Munich through patient allocation. Samples taken in Munich are transferred to Salzburg for functional investigation.
Samples can also be remitted. Various remittance conditions must be adhered to, dependent on the investigation desired. These are accurately described in 'sample remittance – fresh muscle’ and on the remittance form.

In order to guarantee the best possible provision for your patient, our diagnostics are tailored to your individual requirements. We therefore recommend unreservedly that you contact the laboratory in Salzburg or Munich personally to enable you to select and guarantee the optimal diagnostics for your patient from the array of possible investigations.

Furthermore, questions can be answered on exact remittance conditions and appointments booked for biochemical investigations.
contact Salzburg: +43 (0)5 7255 - 26281 or
contact Munich: (+49) 089 4140 6381  or
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