Remittance of samples - fresh muscle

In order to guarantee the best possible provision for your patient, our diagnostics are tailored to your individual requirements.

We therefore recommend unreservedly that you contact the laboratory in Salzburg or Munich personally to enable you to select and guarantee the optimal diagnostics for your patient from the array of possible investigations.

The venue and type of a biopsy is selected according to indications. However, it must be tailored to the planned investigations. The musculus vastus lateralis has proved itself to be well-suited to biopsies.


Paying attention to the following points ensures successful biochemical analysis:


Specimen size:

min 30 mg of “pure” muscle tissue
to picture: e.g. 2 x 2 x 8 mm (boiled rice grain)


For analyses of native, unfrozen tissue:
specimen must remain unfrozen
but kept at 0°C (ice/water mixture) immediately after collection!


After removal of extrinsic tissue (fat, connective tissue) the specimen should be weighed and immersed in MITO-shipping buffer.
Shipping buffer will be provided on request.

A ratio of 10 µl buffer per mg tissue is desirable
(e.g. 40 mg muscle tissue + 400 µl buffer)


Equipment required:
precision weighing balance
adequate pipettes
1-2 ml tube



Immediate shipment via express carrier, taxi ect. is required.
Specimen should reach our laboratory within 3-5 hours after collection.

Flow chart for successful biochemical analysis



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