Biopsy & Needle biopsy


A biopsy of the affected tissue, frequently muscle, is analyzed by biochemistry, histochemistry and if applicable by electron microscopy. Muscle tissue can be obtained by needle biopsy or by an open biopsy. Simultaneously, a fibroblast culture should be established.
Since we have optimized our laboratory testing methods a needle biopsy (30 mg) yields sufficient material for biochemical evaluation of the mitochondrial energy metabolism. 
Carrying out functional measurements on intact mitochondria made of fresh muscular tissue (i.e. unfrozen, also by mail, up to 6 hours following removal, see sample remittance – fresh muscle) is a service which is unique to the Salzburg Diagnostic Centre.
Thus, dysfunctions of the pyruvate metabolism can be diagnosed precisely with an optimised radio-chemical substrate oxidation measurement.


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